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We are so much more than a bookstore!

You'll know you're in the right place when your own need to read meets your need to unplug from your digital life.

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Between the Lines is an idea that was conceived more than 9 years ago. When store owner Juanita Stein saw the development of Parque Santa Lucía, she knew that this "barrio" of Mérida was someday going to house her dream bookstore and stationery boutique. When the small concept house "Carmesí" was created by Josefina Larraín Lagos, Juanita knew she had found her perfect location.

Juanita grew up reading and writing, encouraged by her mother who was a true bibliophile. As a child in Huntington Beach, CA, she went to the local public library every Saturday for Children's Story Hour. And she hasn't stopped reading since. She feels that in today's digital world, we all need to disconnect and go back to basics... everyone remembers what it feels like to hold a book in your hands and put pen to paper.

In her bookstore Between the Lines, she has curated a sensory experience of books, greeting cards, notebooks, stationery, pens, reading glasses, puzzles, learning books for young children, and more. Every item in the store fulfills her vision of nostalgia for the way things used to be, and the traditions that go along with them.

It really is so much more than a bookstore, and there is something for all ages.

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